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Senseless morning murder at Koki

By Kila Nao

A suburb in Port Moresby came to a standstill yesterday as the public watched in horror while a husband slashed his wife’s neck from the back in what witnesses describe as cold blood murder. This inhuman and barbaric treatment towards women and wives continue to grip our country in this 21 century.

This mother is yet another victim added to the ever growing list of women being killed by their husbands in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Popular Koki market was the scene of a horrific cold blooded murder last Wednesday.

Market vendors and shoppers got the shock of their life when they witnessed a woman being slashed on the neck by a man with a bush knife that left her head partially hanging as she fell to the ground.

Terrified members of the public stood helpless as the women fell to the ground with her head partially attached to her body while her attacker threatened the public with the bush knife and escaped.

According to eyewitnesses the incident occurred at around 7.30 am at the…