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Suspension of Betelnut Transit Permit

The issuing of permit to transit betelnut into the city has been suspended for an indefinite period.

This is due to the use of forged permit bearing a scanned signature of the Buai Ban Controller, Mr Honk Kiap.

The transit permits are issued to the public for the purpose of transporting betelnut into the city for special occasions.

NCDC, in particular the Buai Ban Control Center regrets any inconvenience cause by the situation and appeals to the public for cooperation, support and respect for the Buai Ban in accordance with the NCDC Betelnut Control Law 2013.

Authorized by Leslie Alu, City Manager

Acting PC denies sackings

The acting Police Commissioner (PC), Geoffrey Vaki, has denied reports that he suspended officers at the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption (NFAC) Directorate HQ and has accused the media of reporting false and misleading news.

Vaki, according to Sunday Chronicle, was responding a report by the Post Courier on Friday alleging that an attempt to suspend NFAC Director Mathew Damaru and Deputy Timothy Gitua failed when the Ombudsmen Commission (OC) intervened.

Vaki said he called the officers to his office to provide him with a brief on the current investigations into the Paraka case, adding that they had a long and fruitful discussion.

He went on to say that he was pleased with their brief but required additional information which they would provide him in a detailed brief in due course.

Vaki also said the suspension of Assistant Commissioner (AC) Thomas Eluh was because of insubordination and nothing more.

Meanwhile, Vaki confirmed being contacted by the OC but not for the reasons s…

OC issues formal instructions for PC not to interfere

Newly appointed acting Police Commissioner (PC), Geoffrey Vaki, has been instructed by the Ombudsmen Commission (OC) not to interfere with Police administration and operations, Brian Kramer reported on social media news page PNG NEWS PAGE.

The instructions come after it was reported on PNG Blogs that Vaki had gone on a sacking spree at the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate HQ.
“PNG's acting Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki suspends Director Fraud Mathew Damaru and Deputy Director Timothy Gitua. He also suspends Director Legal Nicholas Miviri.” It is also alleged that Vaki requested the Paraka case files from Damaru and that the acting PC also filed at the District Court for the arrest warrant for Prime Minister Peter O’Neil to be set aside.

According to PNG Blogs there is growing fear that ‘they’ might get hold of the files and destroy whatever evidences it contains.

Meanwhile, NCD is in lock-down with Police keeping a watchful eye for any signs of possible protests.…

Pawa Meri Film Launch


Former PNG AG calls for PM to resign

Papua New Guinea’s former Attorney General, Kerenga Kua, has allegedly called for Prime Minister Peter O’Neil to resign in a letter dated June 19, 2014 and shared on Facebook.

In the purported letter under the official AG letterhead, Kua said he believed the PM has lost the public’s confidence in the administration of the country and permitted self-interest to override the underlying principles of the country’s laws.

He called for the PM to resign from his position before parliament resumes next Tuesday (24 June 2014) paving way for a new PM to be elected.

The letter was copied to the Speaker of Parliament, Theo Zurenuog, and National Alliance Party Leader, Patrick Pruaitch with a handwritten note stating that it was served to O'Neil yesterday.

Kua was decommissioned on Tuesday as the Justice Minister and AG by PM O'Neil for opposing the government's bid to amend Section 145 of the Constitution. The move came, not surprisingly, after attempts by police to have the PM arre…

BSP to close Kerevat sub-branch

Bank South Pacific (BSP) will be closing its Kerevat sub-branch due to safety concerns for its staff and property.

In a public statement, BSP announced the indefinite closure citing recent break and enter into the branch as “unacceptable and a serious impediment” to their operations.

The bank also called local leaders in the area to take ownership and ensure law and order is guaranteed.
Although not clearly stated, the closure could be implied as punishment and a lesson for the Kerevat area and Papua New Guinea (PNG). The bank stated that the branch would be closed until
“…such a time that BSP feels it is absolutely safe to continue operating and the people fully understand their obligation in appreciating vital services that the bank and its staff provide.” It also hopes that the closure will
“…facilitate all communities in PNG to appreciate the real economic damage that deterioration of Law and Order has on every town and city…”

Papua New Guinea Blogs: Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill purs...

Papua New Guinea Blogs: Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill purs...: AUSTRALIAN private investigators and an Aussie judge are playing key roles in a corruption scandal that threatens to topple Papua New Guine...

Nambawan Super distributing statements and membership ID cards

Nambawan Super Ltd (NSL) is currently distributing members’ statements and ID cards at their branch offices nationwide.

In a public statement, NSL said the exercise would be conducted from June 16 – 30 and members who did not collect their cards and statements would have them mailed. This would also be applied for members in Port Moresby, Central and Gulf provinces.

Meanwhile members who have received a pre-printed ID are also asked to visit their nearest branch to have ID photos taken to be printed on the cards. They are asked to bring the following for identification purposes:
2x payslipsconfirmation letter from provincial officesPolice (PPC)Health (Provincial Health Authority)Education (Education Advisor /School Inspector & Head Master /Principal)Other departments /companies (Human Resource) Any ID (Work, Driver’s License, Passport, etc) Further information can be obtained by calling 309 5311 /733 37777 / 761 12222 or emailing

PNG PM insists on innocence

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil, is insisting the alleged signature in a letter authorizing payments to Paraka Lawyers is not his despite forensic tests done in Australia confirming it.

The National reports today the PM stating that the signature appears to be similar to his but it did not mean it was conclusive.

On Monday, the police, based on new evidence provided by Task Force Sweep (TFS), got an arrest warrant and tried to have the PM brought in for questioning. However, Justice Ere Kariko has ordered police to refrain from arresting the him pending the outcome of a hearing today.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Kerenge Kua has been sacked with Rigo MP Ano Pala named as his successor. According to the Post Courier, the PM confirmed the sacking stating that:
“…he [Kua] went against NEC decision on section 145 amendments. NEC decision that bounds him but went publically against it…his party NA supports the amendments.” O’Neil said it was unfortunate but the decision…

Sorcerer admits killing people through black magic

In what can be described as one of the world’s weirdest confessions, an alleged sorcerer in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has claimed to kill over 50 people since 2005, reports The National.

Charles Kave, a suspected sorcerer in Awar village, Bogia district in Madang, claimed in a bizarre confession that there have been countless deaths in his area from sorcery and black magic.

Kave blamed the lack of development in his locality on sorcery. He said those knowledgeable in the dark arts would target those who wanted to progress to another level, causing fear in the locals.

He claimed sorcerers controlled the elements and used animals like crocodiles and snakes to do their bidding.

Kave claims that he has come out publicly to help fix the village and that his resolve came when he found the 10 Commandments written on a plastic scroll that was washed ashore near his home. However, reports indicate that the death of his son at the hands of another sorcerer would be trigger that pushed him to blow…

Air Niugini suspends flights to Bali

Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) national flag carrier, Air Niugini, has suspended flights to Denpasar airport in Bali, Indonesia, for the next 12 hours due to recent volcanic activity.

According to a post by Illan Kaprangi on The PNG News Page on Facebook, this is mainly due to volcanic activity from ‘Sangeang Api volcano off the Indonesian island of Sumbawa on Friday.’ She added that most international airlines have also ceased operations as a result of this.

Ms Kaprangi also said the airline regretted the inconvenience but safety was of paramount importance.

Persons travelling to Bali can contact their nearest Air Niugini sales office or preferred travel agent for further updates.

PNG Trade Union approves of new minimum wage rates

The Papua New Guinea Trade Union Congress (PNGTUC) has given its approval on the new national minimum wage rate set by the Minimum Wages Board.

PNGTUC General Secretary, John Paska, said it was fair and would have minimal impact on the national budget as the government does not employ minimum wage earners.

He also added that the minimum wage set in 1992 was heavily influenced by a “powerful employer lobby instigated by the World Bank” who later circumvented the determination in 2000, restoring the minimum rate to a respectable K120 per fortnight.

According to Paska, there are a handful of employer lobbyist who are dangerous to the country and welfare of the workers. He said their claims are apparently made to protect profit margins at the expense of stimulating robust domestic demand.

He said PNGTUC calculations based on data from the National Statistical Office (NSO) indicated that over K8 billion that should have gone to wages was gobbled up by profits over this period of time. How…