BSP to close Kerevat sub-branch

BSP logo. Image via
Bank South Pacific (BSP) will be closing its Kerevat sub-branch due to safety concerns for its staff and property.

In a public statement, BSP announced the indefinite closure citing recent break and enter into the branch as “unacceptable and a serious impediment” to their operations.

The bank also called local leaders in the area to take ownership and ensure law and order is guaranteed.
Although not clearly stated, the closure could be implied as punishment and a lesson for the Kerevat area and Papua New Guinea (PNG). The bank stated that the branch would be closed until
“…such a time that BSP feels it is absolutely safe to continue operating and the people fully understand their obligation in appreciating vital services that the bank and its staff provide.”
It also hopes that the closure will
“…facilitate all communities in PNG to appreciate the real economic damage that deterioration of Law and Order has on every town and city…” 


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