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Police arrest protesting teachers in Oro

A group of angry teachers protesting non-payment of their leave entitlements were arrested by Oro police after they broke down the door to the provincial treasury office on Monday, according to The National(December 24).

The Papua New Guinea Teachers’ Association (PNGTA) provincial representative, Tau Anego said the teachers were arrested and later released. He said they (teachers) were frustrated because the monies allocated for their annual leave had been diverted elsewhere by the provincial government.

He added that about a quarter of the teachers in the province were left out on their entitlements and could not travel to their home provinces.

According to Anego, K1.478 million was allocated in the provincial budget for teacher leave entitlements; however, Oro treasury office says that the administration had allocated K1.223 million with only K628, 000 paid so far.

Meanwhile, Oro governor, Gary Juffa, admitted that funds allocated to teachers’ entitlements had been diverted elsewh…

NCDC closes public cemetery

It seems nobody wants to work this Christmas with the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) announcing the closure of the public cemetery at Nine Mile over the festive season.

In a public notice, acting City Manager, Simon Vai, advised the public that the cemetery would be closed for business starting on Christmas Day (December 25) and normal services would resume on January 6, 2014.

Meanwhile, NCDC is also placing a liquor ban during the festive season. The ban which will take effect at midnight on the eve of Christmas Day will apply on Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s.

Expat woman charged with deprivation of liberty

Police in Port Moresby have charged an expatriate woman with deprivation of liberty after her local housemaid complained of being confined to the house, The National reports.

The woman, a 55 year old Filipina, was arrested and charged on Sunday at the Boroko Police Station for deprivation of liberty and other charges.

The maid, a 27 year old from Kabakaul in East New Britain (ENB) had been working for her since 2005. It is alleged that she paid the maid a salary of K100 per fortnight and did not allow her to leave the house.

The maid had complained to her cousin through a text message, with which the former alerted police at Six Mile.

New director and deputy appointed for NRI

The National Research Institute (NRI) has a new director general and deputy director, according to a letter dated December 17, 2013, from the former director, Raghunath Ghodake, to all stakeholders and partners.

According to Ghodake’s letter, Dr Sergie Kopen Bang has been appointed as director general of NRI effective from December 8, 2013 and Dr Workneh Ayalew as deputy director general effective as of December 16.

Ghodake also took the opportunity to present his sincere appreciation and thanks for the invaluable support he was according during his term as director general. He also asked that the same partnership and support be accorded to the new leaders.

Dr Bang has an in-depth knowledge of agricultural research and has experience in senior and corporate management levels with a strong understanding of development issues both on the national and international level.

Dr Ayalew, from Morobe, is a biological scientist and together with Dr Bang, the outgoing director general believes,…

New university to be built in Western Highlands

A new university will be built at Ialibu, in the Southern Highlands. This was revealed by Pangia MP and Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil, during the grade 12 graduation at Ialibu Secondary School on Tuesday, according to The National.

O’Neil said it would be called the Western Pacific University (WPU) and already K80 million was allocated from the 2014 budget with funding made available by the Chinese government. He said design and preparatory work is underway.

The PM added that the university would enrol 2000 to 3000 students, and would bring in 200 – 300 teachers which would increase business activities and the development of the Ialibu Township.

O’Neil also said other highlands governors supported having the university in his district because the people there are law abiding citizens.

A cheque of K500000 was handed to District Administrator, Ron Yamuna, for secondary schools in the district.

West Papuan freedom fighter dies in PNG

A West Papuan freedom fighter reportedly died last night in Vanimo, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Free West Papua Campaign posted on their Facebook page.

Danny Kogoya, had reportedly been suffering from an infection on his right leg after it had been allegedly amputated, without his permission, by Indonesian forces.

In July this year, Kogoya was interviewed by ABC in which he claims his leg was amputated while arrested for manslaughter charges.

The freedom fighter said police had threatened to rearrest him which led to his fleeing across the border to PNG. He also claimed to command around 7000 with 2000 active fighters.

Meanwhile, PNG’s extradition treaty signed in June with Indonesia has sparked fears that West Papuan activists could be targeted. However, Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil has assured the public that it will only apply to criminal cases and not political refugees.

Last week, three West Papuan activists were arrested by Port Moresby police for organising a political rally and r…

PNG blogger attacked

Prominent award winning Papua New Guinean blogger and journalist, Martyn Namarong, was attacked on Tuesday night because of his affiliation with the Opposition communications team.

In a post on his blog, The Namarong Report, Martyn states:
Today, I officially terminated my association with the Opposition communications team due to a recent incident.This follows a sustained social media campaign by various individuals who wished to discredit me though I am not sure if there is a link.Things got nasty on Tuesday night after I attended the awards night for Excellence in Anti-corruption reporting. As I was returning home in the evening, I was held up with a knife to my neck and threatened about my affiliation with PNG's Parliamentary Opposition.Whilst I do not wish to speculate about who was behind the attack, I have no intention of placing my life at risk unnecessarily. I have therefore decided to dissociate myself from the Opposition effective immediately. The attack proves that cer…

Bougainville lass wins best actress award at the 2013 NZ Film Awards

In what can be described as a Papua New Guinean first, 17 year old Bougaivillian actress, Xzanjah Matsi, won Best Actress for her role as Matilda in the screen adaptation of Lloyd Jones' award winning book, Mr Pip, at the 2013 New Zealand Film Awards.

Speaking to ABC’s Tok Pisin service, Ms. Matsi said she was elated at being nominated but did not expect to win.

The award winning actress said she hopes the film win will inspire other Papua New Guineans who have taken up acting.

Despite winning the award, Matsi is adamant to of reaching her goal to become a petroleum engineer.

Meanwhile, co-star Hugh Laurie also won Best Actor for his portrayal of the colorful Mr. Watts.

West Papuan activist banned from PNG

West Papuan activist and campaigner, Benny Wenda, has been banned from entering Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the future.

According to Karabuspalau Kaiku’s Facebook post, Wenda, checked in at the Jackson’s International Airport at 2pm on December 12 for Australia and Europe when immigration officials issued the ban.

Wenda is an international lobbyist and West Papua’s independence leader. He was granted political asylum in 2003 and has been living in the United Kingdom since.

In 2002 Wenda was arrested and taken to trial for “…allegedly leading a procession of people in an independence rally” by the Indonesian government. However, he managed to escape to PNG where he was later smuggled to Europe.

Wenda has since been a thorn in the Indonesian government’s side and in 2011 a red notice was issued by the government to Interpol for his arrest and extradition. The notice was removed after an investigation concluded that the notice was politically motivated and an abuse of the system.

Wenda ca…

Asylum porn stars on Manus Island

The Manus island processing center has been the center of controversy since its inception. However, new information is revealing there is more dirt hidden amidst the facilities.

According to Manus Open MP, Hon Ronny Knight, the asylum seekers and local girls employed at the center are producing pornographic videos.

Posting on social site, Facebook, the MP said:
“I just viewed a shocking phone video of the xxx rated type featuring asylum seekers in the camp and young Manus girls working there! I am going to take this clip to the Australian High Commission and show how out of control G4s has allowed these people to become!! This clip is truly sickening.” The Manus processing centre has been the topic of controversy for violation against human rights with Amnesty International describing it as “[sic]…cruel, inhuman, degrading and violating prohibitions against torture…”