New director and deputy appointed for NRI

Raghunath Ghodake
Former NRI director general
The National Research Institute (NRI) has a new director general and deputy director, according to a letter dated December 17, 2013, from the former director, Raghunath Ghodake, to all stakeholders and partners.

According to Ghodake’s letter, Dr Sergie Kopen Bang has been appointed as director general of NRI effective from December 8, 2013 and Dr Workneh Ayalew as deputy director general effective as of December 16.

Ghodake also took the opportunity to present his sincere appreciation and thanks for the invaluable support he was according during his term as director general. He also asked that the same partnership and support be accorded to the new leaders.

Dr Bang has an in-depth knowledge of agricultural research and has experience in senior and corporate management levels with a strong understanding of development issues both on the national and international level.

Dr Ayalew, from Morobe, is a biological scientist and together with Dr Bang, the outgoing director general believes, have the combine expertise and experience to effectively lead the institute to new heights.

While Ghodake is no longer the director general, he can still be contacted through his NRI email


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