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Dual citizenship receives overwhelming support in first reading

The proposed amendments in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) constitution to allow dual citizenship got overwhelming support with 84 – 0 in favour of the change during its first and second readings on Tuesday.

The Bill would allow Papua New Guineans to obtain more than one citizenship without automatically losing their PNG citizenship.

Immigration and Foreign Affairs Minister, Rimbik Pato, said PNG citizens are disadvantaged compared to citizens of more than 60 countries. He said Papua New Guineans living and working abroad are limited by their inability to take up citizenship of that country.

He added that those who took the hard choice of taking up new citizenship had the links to their land of birth and ancestral heritage revoked. Children who have a foreign parent also face the same dilemma when they turn 19. However, those who apply for dual citizenship will have to sacrifice some privileges.

Mr Pato said dual citizens will have the same rights but will not be allowed to vote, hold pub…

Headless body found in drain along Boroko drive

The headless body of a man believed to be from the Highlands region has been found dumped along the drain along Boroko drive near the Rev. Sione Kami Memoria Church between 1:30 – 2pm today.

According to policeman, Constable Paul, who is at the scene securing the area, two machetes were found beside the body and are believed to be the murder weapons. The victim is believed to have been murdered sometime yesterday night.

A member of the public reported the grizzly find.

Meanwhile, the area will be secured until the police forensic unit, homicide and criminal investigations carry out their investigations.

Motorists have also been advised to avoid the area as the investigation is slowing traffic.

PM O’Neil Foundation gives hope to Stanley

The PM O’Neill Foundation has reached out to give hope to 10 year old Stanley Lorea who has resided at the Port Moresby General Hospital with his mother for most of his life.

Stanley is faced with a life threatening condition known as Lipomatous/Lymphatic Malformation which has left him with a large growth on his left chest and abdomen, and a very swollen and deformed right foot. This seriously impacts on his ability to move, play or live a normal life, and it affects his entire family. His father passed away two years ago and life is becoming increasingly difficult for him and his family.

The story of Stanley was one of many reasons why the Prime Minister established his own foundation with a vision to transform, improve and enhance the lives of people in PNG who face real challenges. Two years ago the Prime Minister recalls reading about the plight of Stanley in a newspaper article and shed a tear saying

“Imagine if he was my son. I want to help him”.
He never forgot his own words …

PNG woman finds US$100 plate

A Papua New Guinea (PNG) woman stumbled on the find of the century when she was harvesting her sweet potatoes, Pacific Business Review (Saturday, November 23) reports.

Nemilo Kebu, 30, from Ahioma village just outside of Alotau unearthed a bronze plate of US$100 bill when she was digging for sweet potatoes last month. However, she had forgotten about until he close neighbor told her about finding a couple of dog tags when she remembered her find.

The plate is partially damaged but the left side has the insignia of the US Federal Reserve, and states that it is a “Federal Reserve note FE 00779918A E5” at the top. Below, it says “This note is a legal tender for all debts, public and private.”

The plate also has the “Series 2003A” printed on it.

This series was, according to Bureau of Engraving and Printing website, was first circulated in March 1999.
The find brings to the light the possibility of US currency being laundered in the area these past years.

PNG Opposition goes social

In what can be described as a world first, Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Opposition leader, Belden Namah, called a media conference yesterday inviting only social media, shunning mainstream and conventional media.

Namah claimed that mainstream media is firmly under government censorship with news being heavily supressed. He said most of what he has come out to say against high level corruption has never been publicised in mainstream media.

Blogger, social media activist and TV journalist, Martin Namarong, reported that the press conference was to familiarize with members of online forums and “ended with the understanding, that all opposition communications will now be handled via social media.”

PNG to introduce pension program in 2015

Papua New Guinea (PNG) will introduce a pension program to support the elderly and disabled by 2015, Prime Minister Peter O’Neil announced in Wewak, East Sepik recently.

The PM said the government would introduce the pension program to support elderly men and women who have reached retirement age and people living disabilities. . He said the plan is to help these special groups of people to sustain themselves.

He also announced the Compulsory National Youth Service (CNYS) will be implemented and young school leavers will have to join the army for a period of time before joining the workforce.

O’Neil said this would help the youths by instilling discipline.

O’Neil was in the province to support his People’s National Congress (PNC) party candidate for the Ambunti-Drekikir Open seat by-election, Ezekiel Anisi.

Anisi’s election was declared null after allegations of him being underage during the 2012 national general elections.

PNG; a dumping ground for imported poultry products

Papua New Guinea (PNG) has become a dumping ground for imported products mostly from Australia and New Zealand, according to the local Poultry Industry Association (PIA).

Association secretary, Dr Keith Galgal, said these imported products are from culled breeders and spent layer hens who are at end of their economic life and cannot be sold in Australian supermarkets or outlets.

“In essence, these products have no economic value to Australia producers”, Galgal added, but was “all profit” for a PNG importer. He said the import of cheap poultry products have increased exponentially in the last five years.

Galgal also scrutinized local authorities for failing to protect the local poultry industry and risked losing approximately K700 million in employment and contract services. He also said reports that high cost of poultry feed rendering the industry incapable of competing with imports was not true.

He said feed cost was a component in the equation and said high electricity, transpo…

CPL sponsors Port Moresby Fashion Week

Pacific fashion has a huge place in the international fashion industry so fashion designers in the region need to take ownership of their cultural expressions in order to develop lucrative economic opportunities for their traditional art.

The Chairman of CPL Group, Mahesh Patel, said fashion as retail business was important for any economy and Papua New Guinea was no different. He made the comments as he launched a partnership to stage the Port Moresby Fashion Week scheduled for Wednesday, November 27.

“As I understand it, Fashion Week’s in the Pacific have been a huge success largely because of the partnership and support of dynamic retail businesses who realize the value of a diversified economy and who support fast growing brands. CPLGroup is committed to adding value to our current portfolio so this partnership is a natural fit,” Mr Patel said.

“Fashion Week Ltd is committed to showcasing Pacific talent and they’re a proven success at promoting locally made fashion wear. We know …

PNG shadow leader referred for “unholy decisions” blab

The leader of Papua New Guinea’s shadow government, Belden Namah, has been referred to the Parliamentary Privileges Committee by the Speaker to answer for allegations he raised on the floor.

The referral was requested by Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil, after Namah alleged “unholy decisions” by the PM during his recent visit to Israel which included signing an agreement for an Israeli firm to overtake management of the PNG Sustainable Development Program (SDP) funds.

The PM also requested the committee to appoint two qualified psychiatrists to evaluate and determine if the shadow leader is qualified to hold public office. However, this request was denied.

PNG may implement stricter visa requirements for Aussie neighbours

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) government is planning to implement stricter visa requirements for Australians entering the country if Canberra refuses to relax her requirements for PNG citizens, Prime Minister Peter O’Neil revealed on Parliament last Friday.

O’Neil said if the Australian government insisted on granting PNG citizens tourist and business visas on arrival then Waigani would reciprocate. He added that this would be forwarded to Foreign Minister, Rimbik Pato, who is currently in Sri Lanka to discuss with his Australian counterpart in the meet with Commonwealth heads.

Meanwhile Bogia MP, John Hickey told Parliament that requirements for entering Australia were stringent for PNG citizens. He said a good bilateral relation was important and Australia should reciprocate the treatment given to its citizens.

Hickey also said it took a month to apply for visa to Australia while they were are granted on arrival. He added that some of them were security risks to the country and thus w…