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Milne Bay Governor calls on Ijivitari MP not to use province as an example

Milne Bay Governor, Titus Philemon, has called on Ijivitari MP, David Arore, not to use Milne Bay as an example to the illegal removal of seating Northern Governor, Gary Juffa, Post Courier reports.

In 2000, Dame Josephine Abaijah, was removed as Milne Bay Governor through a vote of no confidence motion as is on record the first time a vote was taken against a seating Governor. However, Philemon claims the circumstances and reasons were different and all was done according to proper legal advice.

Mr Philemon is cited saying:
“Mr Arore cannot use the Milne Bay precedent to justify his actions and I take exception to the manner in which he and his supporters went about pursuing their political agenda. I believe what they did was unconstitutional, unparliamentarily and criminal.
They cannot refer to the vote that I led in 2000 and claim it as precedent.” Meanwhile, reports have surfaced on that a drunken Arore called on popular talkback radio program on FM100 an…

Juffa legitimate Governor, Deputy PM says

Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), Leo Dion, has thrown public support toward Northern Province’s ‘removed’ Governor, Gary Juffa, according to the Post Courier.

Dion, who is also Minister for Provincial and Local Level Government (PLLG), reportedly said Juffa is still the legitimate Governor and the actions by Ivijitari MP David Arore and his supporters were a threat to national unity and security. He will also be sending a fact finding team to Popondetta to get to the root of the issue.

Meanwhile, Arore has denied claims by Juffa that his actions were illegal. He said his removal of Juffa as Governor by members of the Provincial Executive Council (PEC) was in accordance with Section 20 of the Organic Law on PLLG.

Arore claims to have support from 2 thirds of the PEC members and Sohe MP and Minister for Community Development, Delilah Gore.

In another interesting twist, Gore has been accused by Juffa of using more than K17 000 of ministerial funds to accommodate fou…

Northern Province Governor ‘removed’

Northern Province’s Governor, Gary Juffa, who has been outspoken against illegal logging in the province, was forcefully removed from office by Ijivitari MP, David Arore, and his band of followers including 7 members of the provincial assembly, Post Courierreports.

In an unprecedented move yesterday, Arore and the members met in the provincial capital, Popondetta, and installed the MP as Governor. Juffa and the provincial assembly clerk were reported not present.

Juffa had boycotted the meet in light of an impending no confidence motion and was in Port Moresby during the hostile takeover.

He has also indicated that action by the local politicians was criminal and a formal complaint has been lodged with Police Commissioner, Geoffrey Vaki.

Juffa said, “This is a criminal act under section 398 (a) (1) of the Criminal Code which they have committed a statutory offense of willful damage to property.”

Meanwhile, anti-corruption blog PNG Exposed, has published damning allegations that the h…

NCDC to conduct house inspection

The National Capital District Commission (NCDC) has finally set up an inspection program that will allow officer’s to inspect residential areas to ensure the requirement of the Public Health Act are being observed.

According to a public notice authorized by City Manager, Leslie Alu, the program will involve youths from the suburbs that will be trained and properly identified to conduct inspections.

The program will begin at North Waigani, Hohola and Tokarar suburbs and will focus on health and hygiene, and a 14 day notice is being put out for home owners.

The inspection will also be on the lookout for other breaches in the NCDC regulation including trading, building and physical planning which will be reported back to the management for prosecution under relevant laws.

ADF personnel attacks club patron

An Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel in Port Moresby reportedly attacked and severely injured a patron at the Royal Papua Yacht Club the previous weekend, the Post Courier reports.

The incident allegedly took place on October 17 when ADF personnel were in Papua New Guinea (PNG) providing mentoring and training assistance to the PNGDF.

An eyewitness account says the ADF personnel assaulted the patron and pushed him against a wet bar door which shattered; badly lacerated his head and hands.

In an email to the Post Courier, a spokesperson for the ADF confirmed the incident.

The ADF personnel was attached to the Combat Service Support Mentoring Team and was in the country to provide mentoring and training assistant to the PNGDF.

Malum Nalu: Tony Abbott visits PNG

Malum Nalu: Tony Abbott visits PNG: ABC Prime Minister Tony Abbott has flown to Indonesia to attend tomorrow's presidential inauguration of Joko Widodo in Jakarta. On ...

This is What Happens When the Law Catches Up with Graffiti Vandals

Graffiti is a sight for sore eyes in Port Moresby and most of the time these vandals get away with it. However, there comes a time when they are caught red handed like when Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bawa caught two graffiti vandals in the act.

On his Facebook wall, Mr Bawa posted this after catching the pair.
“They thought they would get away until I caught both red handed and gave them a nice face painting and told them to clean it up before taking both into custody. Our youths don't have respect for public property.” Bawa also said both are Grade 4 students at Kaugere Primary School. He will be visiting the school tomorrow to talk with the teacher and students about graffiti vandalism.

Pictures below are courtesy of Andy Bawa's Facebook post.