Juffa legitimate Governor, Deputy PM says

DPM, Leo Dion
Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), Leo Dion, has thrown public support toward Northern Province’s ‘removed’ Governor, Gary Juffa, according to the Post Courier.

Dion, who is also Minister for Provincial and Local Level Government (PLLG), reportedly said Juffa is still the legitimate Governor and the actions by Ivijitari MP David Arore and his supporters were a threat to national unity and security. He will also be sending a fact finding team to Popondetta to get to the root of the issue.

Meanwhile, Arore has denied claims by Juffa that his actions were illegal. He said his removal of Juffa as Governor by members of the Provincial Executive Council (PEC) was in accordance with Section 20 of the Organic Law on PLLG.

Arore claims to have support from 2 thirds of the PEC members and Sohe MP and Minister for Community Development, Delilah Gore.

In another interesting twist, Gore has been accused by Juffa of using more than K17 000 of ministerial funds to accommodate four of the council members who were party to his removal. He has also called on the Ombudsman Commission and Police to investigate the legitimacy of the payments to hotel in Port Moresby.

Delilah Gore has denied any wrongdoings and will be holding a media conference today to clarify matters.


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