Nambawan Super distributing statements and membership ID cards

Nambawan Super Ltd (NSL) is currently distributing members’ statements and ID cards at their branch offices nationwide.

In a public statement, NSL said the exercise would be conducted from June 16 – 30 and members who did not collect their cards and statements would have them mailed. This would also be applied for members in Port Moresby, Central and Gulf provinces.

Meanwhile members who have received a pre-printed ID are also asked to visit their nearest branch to have ID photos taken to be printed on the cards. They are asked to bring the following for identification purposes:
  1. 2x payslips
  2. confirmation letter from provincial offices
    • Police (PPC)
    • Health (Provincial Health Authority)
    • Education (Education Advisor /School Inspector & Head Master /Principal)
    • Other departments /companies (Human Resource)
  3. Any ID (Work, Driver’s License, Passport, etc)
Further information can be obtained by calling 309 5311 /733 37777 / 761 12222 or emailing


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