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Public Prosecutor has less than a month to decide fate of PM

Public Prosecutor, Pondros Kaluwin, has less than a month left to decide on the Ombudsman Commission’s (OC) referral of Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil, to the Leadership Tribunal, Pacific Business Review reports.

O’Neil was referred for allegations of official corruption which included failing to comply with administrative and financial process in the borrowing of the K3 billion Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) loan, issuing misleading statements in the media regarding the sacking of former Treasurer, Don Pomb Polye, and that he sought advice from relevant State agencies including the Bank of PNG to take out the loan.

The Public Prosecutor has less than a month left to peruse the files and decide if there is sufficient and credible evidence to notify the Chief Justice to establish a Leadership Tribunal, refer the case back to OC for further investigation or refuse to prosecute it.

PM O’Neil was referred earlier this year and in April the Public Prosecutor said h…

PNG Karate grabs 2 silver and 14 bronze

The PNG Karate Team returned from Suva, Fiji today after participating in the 16th Oceania Karate Championships on the 11th – 13th September 2014. The team of thirty one athletes won two silver and fourteen bronze medals.

The silver medals came through the Men’s Team Kata (Leonard Gariadi, Cosmas Saliawali & Nigel Bana) and Jacklyn Barney (Women 50kg Kumite).

The bronze medals came from; Crystal Mari (Cadet Female 54kg Kumite), Francis Oa Jnr (Junior Male 76kg Kumite), Joancherry Revui (Junior Female Kumite 59kg), Lera Kose (Female Kumite 55kg), Miriam Stanley (Female 61kg Kumite), Lera Kose (Under 21 Years Female 60kg Kumite), Miriam Stanley (Under 21 Years Female 60kg Kumite), Catherine Wilson (Under 21 Years Female 60+kg Kumite), Dennis Kopman (Under 21 Years Male 78kg Kumite), Ishmael Stanley (Under 21 Years Male 78kg Kumite), Peace Kaiwa (Female +68kg Kumite), Junior Womens Team Kumite (Joancherry Revui & Gantianna Joseph), Womens Team Kata (Sarah Ande, Gantianna Jose…

PNG Karate team taking part in Oceania Karate Championship

The PNG Karate team arrived in Suva, Fiji late on Tuesday (09 September) to participate at the 16th Oceania Karate Championships.

PNG Karate-do Federation (PNGKF) Mentor/Coach, Sensei Trevor Roberts, said all the formalities including registration and weigh-in have been completed, and the athletes are now waiting for the competition which will take place on Friday and Saturday (11 – 12 September).

The team is made up of a total of 31 athletes, 11 females and 20 males, a team manager and manageress and two coaches.

Also traveling with the team are 2015 Pacific Games Karate officials, Miss Llane Munau, Mr Bernard Sinai, Sensei Mark Vele, Sensei Roy Stanley and PNGKF President Sensei Carl Mari.
The athletes will be participating in both kata and kumité events.

Roberts also said this is the largest team from PNG since PNGKF participated in the 2nd Oceania championships in 1995.

PNGKF President, Sensei Carl Mari thanked PNG Olympic Committee through the Go 4 Gold program and Niugini Build…

PNG goes to the 16th Oceania Karate Championships

The PNG Karate-Do Federation (PNGKF) is preparing its team to attend the 16th Oceania Karate Championships in Suva, Fiji on the 11th – 13th September 2014.

The thirty two athletes who have been selected were chosen from the current development squad; They comprise of; Vincent Bougen (AROB); Lera Kose, Cathrine Wilson, Miriam Stanley, Gewa Rupa, Naorei Joseph, Joseph Smith Jnr, Billy Baeau Jnr, Dennis Kopman, Ishmael Stanley, Francis Oa Jnr, John Kajona and Dominic Sipapi (Central); Jacklyn Barney, Maryanne Porika and Manu Mekere (Morobe); Crystal Mari, Joancherry Revui, Gantianna Joseph, Sarah Ande, Violet Wanghihau, Nigel Bana, Cosmas Saliawali, Leonard Gariadi, Sailas Piskaut, Andrew Molen and Julius Piku (NCD); Monovi Atomu Amani Jnr (New Ireland); Peace Kaiwa, Ernest Nuli, Alois Masusulu and Nick Mou(WNB).

The traveling officials are; Sensei Trevor Roberts (Head & Mentor Coach), Sensei David Wallace (Kumite Coach), Sempai Willie Leslie (Kata Coach), Francis Mairi (Manager –…