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Karate Names 42 Athletes as Target Team

The PNG Karate-Do Federation (PNGKF) has selected forty two (42) athletes as the Target Team for the Port Moresby Pacific Games in July 2015. The Target Team was selected after the Training Camp on 12th – 27th January 2015 and the Selection Trial held on 24th January 2015 in Port Moresby.

Amongst the athletes selected were three finds from the 2014 PNG Games in Lae; Beverly Wasawa, Phyllis Bibuai and Donald Samuel. Also included in the team is Braden McMahon of Sydney, Australia. Braden has is a formidable competitor and has been considered for a kumite division.

The PNGKF full endorsed team comprises of; Gladyskaren Wallace, Beverly Wasawa, Francillia Kokin, Quentin Bougen, (Bougainville); Lera Kose, Gewa Rupa, Miriam Stanley, Catherine Wilson, Naorei Joseph, Jason Kilangit, Ishmael Stanley, John Kajona, Billy Billy Jnr, Dennis Kopman, Dominic Sipapi, Francis Oa Jnr, Buruka Chapau Jnr (Central); Joan Abala, Francis Virgil, (East New Britain); Maryanne Porika, Phyllis Bibuai, Siw…