PNG blogger attacked

Prominent award winning Papua New Guinean blogger and journalist, Martyn Namarong, was attacked on Tuesday night because of his affiliation with the Opposition communications team.

In a post on his blog, The Namarong Report, Martyn states:
Today, I officially terminated my association with the Opposition communications team due to a recent incident.
This follows a sustained social media campaign by various individuals who wished to discredit me though I am not sure if there is a link.
Things got nasty on Tuesday night after I attended the awards night for Excellence in Anti-corruption reporting. As I was returning home in the evening, I was held up with a knife to my neck and threatened about my affiliation with PNG's Parliamentary Opposition.
Whilst I do not wish to speculate about who was behind the attack, I have no intention of placing my life at risk unnecessarily. I have therefore decided to dissociate myself from the Opposition effective immediately.
The attack proves that certain factions are concerned with the impact social media is having on the people.

Namarong is one of the most vocal social media commentators and has a huge following overseas and in country. He is also the first Papua New Guinean blogger invited to give a speech in an Australian university.


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