This is What Happens When the Law Catches Up with Graffiti Vandals

Graffiti is a sight for sore eyes in Port Moresby and most of the time these vandals get away with it. However, there comes a time when they are caught red handed like when Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bawa caught two graffiti vandals in the act.

On his Facebook wall, Mr Bawa posted this after catching the pair.
“They thought they would get away until I caught both red handed and gave them a nice face painting and told them to clean it up before taking both into custody. Our youths don't have respect for public property.”
Bawa also said both are Grade 4 students at Kaugere Primary School. He will be visiting the school tomorrow to talk with the teacher and students about graffiti vandalism.

Pictures below are courtesy of Andy Bawa's Facebook post.


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