PM O’Neil Foundation gives hope to Stanley

Source: PM O'Neil Facebook page
The PM O’Neill Foundation has reached out to give hope to 10 year old Stanley Lorea who has resided at the Port Moresby General Hospital with his mother for most of his life.

Stanley is faced with a life threatening condition known as Lipomatous/Lymphatic Malformation which has left him with a large growth on his left chest and abdomen, and a very swollen and deformed right foot. This seriously impacts on his ability to move, play or live a normal life, and it affects his entire family. His father passed away two years ago and life is becoming increasingly difficult for him and his family.

The story of Stanley was one of many reasons why the Prime Minister established his own foundation with a vision to transform, improve and enhance the lives of people in PNG who face real challenges. Two years ago the Prime Minister recalls reading about the plight of Stanley in a newspaper article and shed a tear saying

“Imagine if he was my son. I want to help him”.

He never forgot his own words and once the Foundation was formed the PM instructed his team to ensure Stanley was the first recipient. Stanley has now become the face of hope for the Foundation.

The Foundation is non-political. It is simply one man finding a way to reach out and make sure people like Stanley who are in desperate need do not get left behind.

Under an ambitious and visionary project of the new PM O’Neill Foundation Stanley will be flown to the Sydney Children’s Hospital to be assessed by specialists to see if they can offer him some improvements to his quality of life and his future.

Program Coordinator of Open Heart International, Russell Lee, who is assisting with the project says

“we need to do some intensive tests on Stanley before we proceed with any form of treatment”.

Yesterday when the Prime Minister touched down at Port Jackson Airport, Stanley was on hand to welcome him and raced across the tarmac to embrace his new friend. As they both shared a hug and a special moment together, the Prime Minister presented Stanley and his mother with their passports, visas and plane tickets,

“I wish you all the best my little friend. You are an inspiration to us all. We will do our best for you.”

The CEO for the PM O’Neill Foundation says “we will follow his progress with cautious anticipation. We will be with Stanley every step of the way and provide the support he and his family need so that one day he can enjoy and lead a normal life as much as possible. ”

Whilst in Sydney, Stanley will also go on a special trip with his heros the band ‘Sheppard’ who recently raised 10,000 Kina for the PM O’Neill Foundation to assist Stanley and his family. Their father, PNG lawyer Greg Sheppard recently presented the Foundation with a cheque to help the family with their daily living expenses.

The Prime Minister thanks the community for their support and the nation wishes Stanley well.

Source: PM O'Neil Facebook page.


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