PNG; a dumping ground for imported poultry products

Keith Galgal
Keith Galgal
Papua New Guinea (PNG) has become a dumping ground for imported products mostly from Australia and New Zealand, according to the local Poultry Industry Association (PIA).

Association secretary, Dr Keith Galgal, said these imported products are from culled breeders and spent layer hens who are at end of their economic life and cannot be sold in Australian supermarkets or outlets.

“In essence, these products have no economic value to Australia producers”, Galgal added, but was “all profit” for a PNG importer. He said the import of cheap poultry products have increased exponentially in the last five years.

Galgal also scrutinized local authorities for failing to protect the local poultry industry and risked losing approximately K700 million in employment and contract services. He also said reports that high cost of poultry feed rendering the industry incapable of competing with imports was not true.

He said feed cost was a component in the equation and said high electricity, transport and security costs were also factors.


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