Bougainville lass wins best actress award at the 2013 NZ Film Awards

Xzanjah Matsi
17 year old Xzanjah Matsi with her award (photo: Rachael Mayne)
In what can be described as a Papua New Guinean first, 17 year old Bougaivillian actress, Xzanjah Matsi, won Best Actress for her role as Matilda in the screen adaptation of Lloyd Jones' award winning book, Mr Pip, at the 2013 New Zealand Film Awards.

Speaking to ABC’s Tok Pisin service, Ms. Matsi said she was elated at being nominated but did not expect to win.

The award winning actress said she hopes the film win will inspire other Papua New Guineans who have taken up acting.

Despite winning the award, Matsi is adamant to of reaching her goal to become a petroleum engineer.

Meanwhile, co-star Hugh Laurie also won Best Actor for his portrayal of the colorful Mr. Watts.


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