Police arrest protesting teachers in Oro

Gary Juffa
Oro governor, Gary Juffa
A group of angry teachers protesting non-payment of their leave entitlements were arrested by Oro police after they broke down the door to the provincial treasury office on Monday, according to The National (December 24).

The Papua New Guinea Teachers’ Association (PNGTA) provincial representative, Tau Anego said the teachers were arrested and later released. He said they (teachers) were frustrated because the monies allocated for their annual leave had been diverted elsewhere by the provincial government.

He added that about a quarter of the teachers in the province were left out on their entitlements and could not travel to their home provinces.

According to Anego, K1.478 million was allocated in the provincial budget for teacher leave entitlements; however, Oro treasury office says that the administration had allocated K1.223 million with only K628, 000 paid so far.

Meanwhile, Oro governor, Gary Juffa, admitted that funds allocated to teachers’ entitlements had been diverted elsewhere and he would investigate the matter.


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