PNG PM insists on innocence

PNG PM, Peter O'Neil
Papua New Guinea (PNG) Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil, is insisting the alleged signature in a letter authorizing payments to Paraka Lawyers is not his despite forensic tests done in Australia confirming it.

The National reports today the PM stating that the signature appears to be similar to his but it did not mean it was conclusive.

On Monday, the police, based on new evidence provided by Task Force Sweep (TFS), got an arrest warrant and tried to have the PM brought in for questioning. However, Justice Ere Kariko has ordered police to refrain from arresting the him pending the outcome of a hearing today.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Kerenge Kua has been sacked with Rigo MP Ano Pala named as his successor. According to the Post Courier, the PM confirmed the sacking stating that:
“…he [Kua] went against NEC decision on section 145 amendments. NEC decision that bounds him but went publically against it…his party NA supports the amendments.”
O’Neil said it was unfortunate but the decision had to be made in the interest of government stability.


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