Sorcerer admits killing people through black magic

In what can be described as one of the world’s weirdest confessions, an alleged sorcerer in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has claimed to kill over 50 people since 2005, reports The National.

Charles Kave, a suspected sorcerer in Awar village, Bogia district in Madang, claimed in a bizarre confession that there have been countless deaths in his area from sorcery and black magic.

Kave blamed the lack of development in his locality on sorcery. He said those knowledgeable in the dark arts would target those who wanted to progress to another level, causing fear in the locals.

He claimed sorcerers controlled the elements and used animals like crocodiles and snakes to do their bidding.

Kave claims that he has come out publicly to help fix the village and that his resolve came when he found the 10 Commandments written on a plastic scroll that was washed ashore near his home. However, reports indicate that the death of his son at the hands of another sorcerer would be trigger that pushed him to blow the whistle on his ‘underground’ activities.

Kave claimed that he and three others have killed a total of 56 people since 2005 and all were related to ownership of land particularly Madang's second largest cocoa and coconut plantation, Awar Plantation.

In 2012 Kave and others were arrested but later released because there was not act to prosecute them.  


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