NAC directors resign amid political interference

Three directors of the National Airports Corporation (NAC) have reportedly resigned after political interference from ministers of state. The National (August 17) reported that directors Michael Koisen, Joseph Kintau and Jerry Agus tendered their resignations on Friday (14 August) after a board decision to revoke the appointment of the acting Managing Director (MD)/CEO and revert to his substantive as General Manager (GM) - Commercial was overturned by Civil Aviation (CA) Minister Lekwa Gure and Finance Minister Renbo Paita as nominee shareholders. 

The trio said the decision by the board was based on an audit report (BARCC Report), and came after lengthy deliberation. They further warned that turning a blind eye to the report could place the corporation at significant financial risk and an erosion in its corporate governance and compliance process. 

Koisen, Kintau and Agus were all sworn in as directors early this year after being appointed by the National Executive Council (NEC).    

Meanwhile attempts by The National to get comments from Ministers Gure and Paita have been unsuccessful.



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