2014 TESAS Awards List for Continuing Students

Mr Miti Peai
Mr Miti Peai
The 2014 Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme (TESAS) Award list is out and can be downloaded by interested parties by clicking on this link or from the Office of Higher Education's website www.ohe.gov.pg

The list published contains the name of continuing students only and excludes those from the University of Goroka and Kokopo Business College. According to the acting Assistant Director of the Student Support and Scholarships (SSS) branch, Mr Miti Peai, both institutions failed to send their results within the time-frame to compile a list for publication.

However, he said their results would be added once it was in and a complete list would be published at a later date. In an email to this reporter, he said:
UOG and Kokopo Business College students are not in the list because the institutions did not send the results within the timeframe OHE requested them to do so. 
We can include them later once the results come in.
Meanwhile, anxious parents and students are already lining up at the Office of Higher Education at Waigani to check their names.   


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