Betelnut ban to be enforced on January 8

Buai ban
Two days after the public service resumes on January 6 a complete ban will be enforced on betelnut or buai in the National Capital District (NCD).

This will see the supply and trade of nut being stopped from entering the city and hefty fines will be imposed on those who do not comply starting January 8, according to The National.

Ironically, in a public notice today, the NCD Commission advised the public that the ban would take effect on January 1 with penalties going to up to K10, 000 for violations on any commercial airline or ship, K1000 on PMVs and dinghies while a K300 fine for anyone trying to bring in the banned nut in a private vehicle.

The onus is also placed on operators as the fines will be imposed against the carrier and not the actual smuggler.

Shop owners are also in the spotlight with a K10, 000 fines if they allow vendors to sell betelnut within their premises.


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