City’s major hospital issues access cards, restricts visitors

Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) major referral hospital is now issuing access cards in an effort to curb overcrowding and congestion, PNG Edge reports.

The restrictions are being implemented by international security firm, Black Swan, who have been contracted to provide security at the hospital. However, this has not gone down well with relatives and friends of patients.

A frustrated woman who was bringing home cooked food to her sick relative during lunchtime yesterday was refused entry by security personnel. She said:

“How do they expect me to have an access card when the patient guardian is the only one issued with one?”

According to one of the security guards, each patient is entitled to one guardian for 24 hours and one visitor only during visitation time.

The visitation pass was an issue brought up by nurses during a sit-in protest late last year. The hospital CEO has also defended the policy saying it will control overcrowding by visitors and at the same time give more rest time for patients to recuperate.

Patient guardians are now issued with an access card. Image via PNG Edge


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