Drunk PNC member kills youth while driving

A member of the People’ National Congress (PNC) party and close associate of Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil, is alleged to have killed a teen in Lae while driving under the influence of alcohol, says the Namarong Report.

It is alleged that, Garrette Kissing, an associate of PM O’Neil and a member of the PNC party while driving under the influence of alcohol caused the death of a teenager and seriously injuring another. However, PNG Exposed states that Police in Morobe are too scared to act against him.
One traffic officer is reported to have said Garrette Kissing can’t be arrested because em “bikman tumas.”
Meanwhile, Inspector David Terry of the Police Media unit responded on social media stating that his colleagues’ actions were “outrageously stupid and the suspect should have been arrested and detained immediately.”

It is also alleged that Kissing is a relative of Community Development Minister, Loujaya Kouza, and called local media to stop them from reporting the issue.


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