Indonesia wants an explanation on wanted fugitive, Djoko Tjandra

Djoko Tjandra aka Joe Chan
Wanted fugitive, Djoko Tjandra
The Indonesian government is now seeking an official explanation regarding wanted fugitive Djoko Tjandra who travelling the world using a Papua New Guinean passport under the alias Joe Chan.

The Post Courier reports that the Indonesian government will write a letter seeking the explanation on this issue from the PNG government this month.

This comes after Tjandra was refused entry into Japan late last year, and Japanese authorities alerting the Indonesian government.

According to reports the system recognized his face and rejected his passport, visa application and immigration papers at Narita Airport.

Indonesia’s attorney general, Bambang Darmono, will write to his PNG counterpart, Kerenge Kua, and it is understood that Kua is likely to take up this matter with Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil, before the end of the month.

Indonesia fugitive, Djoko Tjandra, is wanted for embezzling more than US$62 million and currently has dual citizenship in PNG under the alias Joe Chan; which is cause of speculation and suspicion on how he ascertained these documents in the first place.

Early in 2013, PNG Prime Minister, Peter O’Neil and Chief Secretary, Manasupe Zurenouc, publically announced that Tjandra’s citizenship certificate and passport would be revoked. However, nearly a year has passed and the fugitive is travelling using these documents, despite reports stating that Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister, Rimbik Pato, had cancelled the passport.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page, Rausim Djoko Tjandra, has been created to campaign for Tjandra’s deportation back to Indonesia to face charges.


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