#NCD Governor threatened over betelnut ban

Powes Parkop
Parkop receives death threats
National Capital District (NCD) Governor, Powes Parkop, has received death threats over the total ban on betelnut (buai) in the city which came into effect on January 1 and was enforced on January 8 - after a 7 day grace period.

The threat, sent from a mobile phone, warned the Governor that betelnut suppliers from Mekeo and Kerema had hired the sender, Paul, to kill him (Governor). The message also asked how the Governor wanted to die and warned that a Papuan Black (metaphor for black magic) would bite him any time.

Governor Parkop, however, said the threats would not deter him from prosecuting the ban. He added that the Police are aware of the threat and with the help of Digicel, will track down and arrest the perpetrators.

Police are proving 24 hour security for Governor Parkop and his family.

Meanwhile a community leader from Tokarara, James Ivarature, has criticized the ban saying the unemployed residents of the city will become the biggest losers.

Mr Ivarature warned that there was a risk of starvation and escalating law and order. He said the ban is by far the worst and most controversial in the history of the city commission.


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