No more Visa on Arrival for Australian visitors

Australians entering Papua New Guinea (PNG) will no longer enjoy the luxury of getting Visas on Arrival, according to unconfirmed reports on Facebook.

According to posts on the social media site, this could take effect as soon as Monday.

The move comes after Canberra did nothing to relax visa restrictions on Papua New Guineans trying to visit Australia.
Prime Minister Peter O'Neil
Prime Minister, Peter O'Neil, mentioned this last November.
Last November, Prime Minister Peter O’Neil, said they were thinking of taking this action if Canberra did not reciprocate the treatment given by PNG to her citizens.

The news was welcomed by PNG’s Facebook community with members commenting “about time” and “music to my ears.”

While Australians have enjoyed the luxury of getting Visa on Arrival to PNG, PNG citizens are forced to fill in lengthy visa applications and are required to lodge them at least a month in advance for an Australian visa.

Some have also welcomed the change saying it will give enough time for authorities to properly screen Australian visitors to the country.

Someone also said the design the process to take at least a month and “properly scrutinise sex offenders by requesting stringent clearance process from Commonwealth and state police too.”


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