Ombudsman Nero dies, fight erupts

Ombudsman, John Nero
One of the country’s top Ombudsman, John Nero, died in his village in Eastern Highlands on the early hours of Saturday.

The late Nero joined the Ombudsman Commission in 1995 as a senior investigator with the Leadership Division and was promoted to team leader 4 years later and then to Deputy Director in 2002. He was appointed an Ombudsman in 2005 which remained until his untimely passing.

The cause of his death is unknown; however, reports indicate that fighting has erupted between his relatives. According to The National, late Nero’s paternal uncles attacked his mother’s relatives soon after the news of his death came out.

Mr Nero’s death and the fighting were also confirmed by EH provincial police commander, Superintendent John Kale, who said 10 houses were burnt and properties were destroyed. Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

Police units from Goroka have been deployed to assist local police and the situation is tense. However, Kale noted that they were closely monitoring the situation.


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