PM to set up new task force

Peter O'Neil
Prime Minister Peter O’Neil will set up a new task force to investigate what has been described as apparent collaboration between Opposition leader Belden Namah and rogue members of the disciplined forces in an attempt to undermine the legitimate government.

Mr O’Neil said the task force would be setup by Police Commissioner, Tom Kulunga, to investigate how the “Warrant of Arrest and Court Order was obtained outside of the normal lawful process.”

He also added that the investigation would be conducted independently and “without political interference.”
However, Mr Namah and the magistrate who issued the warrants have come out to say that the orders are legal and due process was followed.

Meanwhile, Namah is also claiming that the PM has just appointed one of his Ialibu tribesmen, Colonel Gilbert Toropo, as Commander of the PNG Defence Force (PNGDF) in reaction to the Warrant of Arrest issue.

Toropo is reportedly the first Papua New Guinean to receive Green Beret training in the United States. However, he is also alleged to have misused more than K1.2 million from the Murray Barracks Officers’ Mess when he was president of the mess committee.


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