PM warns departments against international media and publishing companies

The Prime Minister has warned public bodies to be careful when dealing with international media and publishing companies.

According a circular dated December 19, 2013, from the PM’s chief of staff, Isaac Lupari, the PM’s office is aware of agents and marketing representatives visiting public bodies to solicit interviews and policy material for publication.

The circular said Papua New Guinea (PNG) had become the latest target of international media organisations and publishers using agents to “lure unsuspecting Government Agencies and Officials in such scheme which is aimed at making easy money for their Companies/proprietors.”

It further stated that there were already 14 international media and publishing companies operating in the country, with more expected to arrive in the coming months, which has the PM concerned.

The circular also instructed all government agencies and officials to refrain from making any financial commitments until proper verification is conducted, and to contact the PM’s office or the Office of Chief Secretary for verification and approval if approached by any of these agents or representatives.

According to the circular, publications cost the State K2.6 million last year alone.


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