#PNG Opposition leader calls for transparency

Belden Namah
Belden Namah
Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) outspoken Opposition leader, Belden Namah, is now calling for the mainstream media to be transparent, in a press release yesterday.

Mr Namah expressed disappointment and concern regarding the way the media seems to be controlled with emphasis on how press release and media from the Opposition gets scrutinized and censored.

He used the failure of both national television services’ in broadcasting his news conference regarding the Warrant of Arrest against the Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Treasurer as an example.

According to Mr Namah, a TV crew from Kundu2 told him that they had received a call from Mr Daniel Karimbao from the PM’s Office advising that the “Warrant of Arrests were defective.” He also gathers that the same advice would have been passed on the EMTV.

Reports of the advice to the media from the PM’s Office has not gone down well, with one social media commentator questioning why the Prime Minister and his ministers had to get a stay order for a “defective” warrant.

Meanwhile, Mr Namah is also pointed out that the Police’s failure to execute the Warrant of Arrests indicates political interference.


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