#PNG Opposition leader claims warrant of arrest out for the PM & Ministers, gives deadline to Police

James Marape, Peter O'Neil and Don Polye
Warrant of Arrest issued for trio
It has been revealed that a warrant of arrest is out for Prime Minister (PM), Peter O’Neil, Finance Minister James Marape, and Treasurer Don Polye, by outspoken Opposition leader Belden Namah.

The Goilala District Development Forum blog reports that Mr Namah shelved his decision to stay away from mainstream media and held a press conference yesterday afternoon due to the magnitude and serious gravity of the issue.

Belden Namah
Belden Namah
The warrants were issued after Mr Namah laid a complaint with police regarding the trio's involvement in the Paraka Lawyers saga. It is alleged that they facilitated the release and fraudulent payment of the K71.8 million to the law firm.

Mr Namah also took the opportunity to speak out against the Police Commissioner and Police’s failure to execute the warrants. He said investigation revealed Prima Facie and arrest warrants were properly issued by the Waigani Grade 5 Court on November 23 last year. However, they were never executed.

He also issued 72 hour deadline to the Police hierarchy to execute the warrants, adding that failure to do so would result in laying of a Contempt of Court charges.
“I charge that failure to do so within the next 72 hours would result in laying of Contempt of Court charges against the Police hierarchy for want of arrest and prosecution of the alleged offenders.”
Ironically, the last time a warrant of arrest was out for the PM, he had then Deputy PM, Belden Namah and former Attorney-General, Allan Marat by his side. The warrant was issued by Justice Bernard Sakora for Contempt of Court in 2011.


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