Police investigate girls used in compensation

Police are investigating the claim that two girls were used as payment in a compensation to relatives of a deceased teacher, according to The National.

Western Highlands (WH) Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Supt Joseph Tondop, said the team would go to the villages involved and investigate the matter.

Supt Tondop condemned the act saying he would get to bottom of it and if confirmed, those involved would face the law.

Meanwhile, two women’s groups have decried the clans’ actions saying it amounted to human trafficking.

Scholar Kakas, President of the National Council of Women (NCW) said using the girls as compensation was nothing short of human trafficking and a breach of human rights. She also said this was not the first time for such an incident.

Kakas said:
“Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time human trafficking has been seen in Jiwaka.”
She called on the people, government and women leaders to take a stand against the issue and stop human trafficking once and for all.

+Philma Kelegai, founder of women’s right group Leniata Legacy also described the acts as out-dated, unjust and barbaric, and that it should not be happening at this day and age.
“This culture of compensation in PNG is capable of festering negative social behavior.
It reinforces the negative perception that females and children are commodities.”


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