Temporary stay order issued against arrest of trio

A temporary stay order has been issued on the Warrant of Arrest against Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Prime Minister Peter O’Neil, Finance Minister James Marape and Treasurer Don Polye at the Waigani Committal Court today by Grade 5 Magistrate, Lawrence Kangwia.

The order was placed after hearing an urgent application filed by the trio’s lawyer and will be effective until the matter returns to court next Thursday.

Lawyer representing the Opposition, Aloise Jerewai said:
"Papua New Guineans must seriously question why the Police Commissioner; the Task Force Sweep Team; and generally all members of the Police Force have failed, disobeyed, and refused to execute the order of the Court albeit the Arrest Warrants for the arrests of Prime Minister O'Neill, and Ministers James Marape and Don Polye for their part in the alleged illegal payments of public funds to P Paraka amounting to k71.8 million.  
The disobedience in executing the Arrest Warrants is among the signs of Despotic Government completely disregarding the Rule of Law, including also intimidation of the Electronic Media in carrying publication of this serious matter which is of grave consequences to the foundations of Democracy.

Papua New Guineans, be warned; apathy in not rising up and demanding Justice now will deeply regretted if you wake up one morning to find that all your democratic freedoms have been stripped from all of us!
The Nation must rise in unison and demand JUSTICE !"
In the meantime, the Police Prosector has been directed to prepare a submission in response to the application to set aside the warrant by the trio’s lawyers.


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