Union leader calls for politicizing of Police to stop

Anton Sekum
“Leave politics to the politicians,” was the call made by a union leader in Papua New Guinea (PNG) following the recent events involving politicians and the Police force.

President of the PNG Banks & Financial Institutions Workers Union, Anton Sekum, made this call in a media release today.

Mr Sekum said the use of the Police by politicians as a means of “vilification of political enemies is deplorable.”

He said power crazed politicians were ripping the laws of the country apart.

Sekum also warned the business community to brace for the worst indicating political trends were indicative of a Police state in the making. He said:
“This developing trend is indicative of a police state in the making and is a serious threat to public safety and properties."
Mr Sekum said no one is above the law and the police force must perform their constitutional duties without political influence.

He also called for the leaders and Police Commissioner to work within the dictates of the constitution.


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