2014: A Good Year for Karate

The PNG Karate-Do Federation (PNGKF) summed up what appeared to be a good year by partnering with PNG Sports Foundation and PNG Games Council in delivering a successful Karate Competition in the 6th PNG Games in November 2014 followed up with a Training Camp in Port Moresby in December 2014.

During 2014 PNGKF hosted its 7th PNG Open Karate Titles and 25th National Karate Championships, and three Training Camps in Port Moresby. Six of Karate’s elite athletes participated in a four-day Karate Training Seminar with the Ishinryu Karate Dojo in Wollongong, NSW, Australia in early March and whilst another eight attended a four day Kata and Kumite Training with head and Mentor Coach Sensei Trevor Roberts at the Shotokan Karate Budokai Honbu at Camira, Queensland, Australia at the end of March 2014. PNGKF also sent a Karate Technical Official for training in Brisbane, Australia in March 2013, another to Sydney, Australia in April 2014 and three to Suva, Fiji in September 2014. Apart from its preparation related to Pacific Games, PNGKF also held Development Seminars in West New Britain June 2014 and Manus Provinces in September 2014 as well as conducted an Instructors Seminar 'Karate Beyond 2015' in Port Moresby in April 2014.

PNGKF also sent eleven members of its National Development squad to the Melbourne International Open Karate Championships in February, twelve athletes to the Queensland Summer Championships in March 2014, seven to the Australian Open Karate Championships in April 2014, four to the Thailand Open Karate Championships in July 2014 and a full team of thirty one athletes the 16th Oceania Karate Championships in Suva, Fiji in September 2014.

PNGKF is currently organizing the 1st Training Camp of 2015 which will be held in Port Moresby from 12th – 23rd and 26th– 28th January 2015; and the 8th PNG Open Karate Championships on the 24th and 25th January 2015.

The Training Camp is important since the final team will be announced at the end of the camp. The following athletes are advised to attend the camp; Quentin Bougen, Gladyskarren Wallace, Hillary Wasawa, Cletus Mason, Beverlyn Wasawa, Hillary Arnette and Francilia Kokin (AROB); Domininc Sipapi, Junior Billy, Lera Kose, Dennis Kopman, Miriam Stanley, Geua Rupa, Catherine Wilson, Ismael Stanley, Junior Chapau, Junior Smith, Gima Peter, Naorie Joseph, Geita Maraga, Jason Kilangit and John Kajona (Central); Timothy Alovare (EHP), Joan Abala, Francis Virgil and John Paivu (ENBP); Daniel Kavoung and Jennifer Kautil (Madang); Jacklyn Barney, Manu Mekere, James Gaub, Siwari Matus, Seby Desmond, Eddie Martin, Emil Golpalou, Frenrich Hura, Maryanne Porika, Donald Samuel, Willie Gaida, Wayne Goa, and Phyllis Bibuai (Morobe); Julius Piku, Nigel Bana, Doris Karomo, Sarah Ande, Crystal Mari, Joancherry Revui, Annabel Joseph, Violet Wangihau, Cosmas Saliawali, Leonard Gariadi, Sailas Piskaut, Terah Efi, Jason Carl, Owen igiro, Patresio Roko, Andrew Molen, Theophil Meta, and Patrick Kassamento (NCD); Atomu Amani (New Ireland); Kevin Duna, Basil Oriri, Steven Bonga and Roy Ipa (Northern); Nick Mou, Enerst Nuli, Peace Kaiwa, Romana Sasinge, Alois Masusulu, Ludger Giru, Tom Ramey and Romanus Asiange (WNBP).

The president Carl Mari wish to thank sponsors for 2014 namely; Niugini Builders and Korana Consultants who contributed K25,000 each to PNGKF during the year and the PNG Government who forked out the bulk of the sponsorship through the G4G Funding. PNGKF is also grateful with the on-going support from the PNG Olympic Committee and the Pacific Games Organizing Committee who assisted PNGKF in assisting with training of technical officials. Mari also wish thank the Australian High Commission for assisting PNGKF with AU$10,000.00 in hosting the ‘Karate Beyond 2015’ Instructors Seminar.

For further information about the Training Camp and Tournament contact Mr. Francis Mairi 72789230 and Sempai Willie Leslie 72288366.


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