CPTA no longer accepting cash payments

The Central Province Transport Authority (CPTA) is no longer accepting cash payments for vehicle registration and third party insurance.

According to the Manager for Vehicle Registration and Licensing, Bernadette Gulaga, the body will only accept EPTOS, bank cheque and companies on the Motor Vehicles Insurance Limited (MVIL) credit listing.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, we regret to advise that CPTA will no longer accept cash payments for Vehicle Registration & Third Party Insurance as started today 23rd March, 2015. Only Eftpos, bank cheques & companies on MVIL credit listing will be accepted. This includes payments for replacement of certificates or labels, change of number plates and change of ownership on current Compulsory Third Party policies.”

She also stated that all cheque payment should be made out to MVIL and not the CPTA.

Further information can be obtained by calling 311 2379.


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