Chief Secretary refers Chief Magistrate to Attorney General

Ms Nerrie Eliakim.
Papua New Guinea (PNG) Chief Secretary, Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc has referred Chief Magistrate Nerrie Eliakim to the Attorney General for official misconduct and administrative incompetence.

The letter date September 29 stated that Manasupe has received a set of complaints against Eliakim. The level of allegations raised are serious and “questions her ability to be the Chief Magistrate of Papua New Guinea.”

Manasupe also made recommendations to have Eliakim suspended and conduct an investigation with the “view to refer her to the Tribunal under Section 181 of the Constitution.”

The contents of the letter have been widely circulated on social media and the Attorney General (AG) is surprised that the public is already aware of the contents before he has even read it.

He confirmed the letter in the Post Courier (October 7) and said the document would now have to go through the normal legal process before a decision or determination can be made.

As per the leak on social media, Pala said the document was the legal property of the Chief Secretary’s Office and thus the onus was on them to find out who was responsible.

The leaked letter. via PNG News Page Facebook


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