Attempted assassination on top NCD top

PORT MORESBY: A failed attempted assassination was carried out on the National Capital District’s Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi’s life yesterday morning.

According to the Post Courier (February 19), an old hand grenade was booby trapped and attached to the footpath beside his house at the Tasion barracks at Gerehu.

Turi’s duaghters are lucky to be alive after his eldest daughter reportedly kicked the explosive away after her younger sister saw the object.

She told me to tell dad that this thing looked like a bomb but I told her to just hurry to school as it was already getting late, I kicked it to the side and went inside”, she said.

The device went off seconds later knocking the young woman unconscious.

According to bomb experts the family is lucky that the grenade was old and worn out, and had less impact that it would usually.

Turi’s vehicle suffered damages from the shrapnel from the bomb.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Gari Baki, has reportedly received death threats via SMS from unknown persons whom he believes were responsible for the attack.

Baki allegedly received a message telling him that the attack on Turi was a message and that he would be the next target. The message read:

My good Commissioner, good afternoon. I’ve already sent you a message through your new Met Supt for NCD, but he is lucky to be alive…now it’s your turn. I’ll get you when the timing is right. I’m coming for you!

The cowardly message was signed Fighter and Commissioner Baki believes it may be related stand taken by both officers in trying to clean the Constabulary.

Both Turi and Baki have been very vocal regarding police brutality and misconduct. 


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