Molesting PNG diplomat charged

The Papua New Guinea (PNG) diplomat who was arrested in Seoul, Korea in relation to sexual molestation charges has been charged accordingly by his departmental head, Loop PNG reports.

The 40 year old diplomat allegedly molested an inebriated woman who was lying at a parking lot at the city’s Iteawon Street.

The diplomat returned to the country earlier this year.

Meanwhile, news of the diplomat’s misbehavior has upset minister responsible Rimbik Pato. He said upon receipt of the reports, formal disciplinary charges under the Public Service have been served on the officer by his department head.

Pato said,

As required under this process, the officer has been given seven days to respond to the allegations. 
It is important that the officer is given fair opportunity to present his side of the story.

Minister Pato also said diplomats have been warned of zero tolerance toward improper behavior while serving in overseas missions.


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