Police to call Krammer in for questioning

Police Commissioner, Gari Baki
The claim of an assassination plot by Madang MP, Brian Krammer, has resulted in Police Commissioner, Gari Baki, stating that the parliamentarian and former Task Force Sweep chairman, Sam Koim, would be called in for questioning.

According to the Post Courier (October 18), this is in relation to the 2017 murder of former Border Development Authority (BDA) chairman, Fred Konga, which is subject of an ongoing investigation.

Konga was killed in August 2017. He was allegedly followed and ambushed by 2 vehicles that blocked his way along the Poreporena Freeway in Waigani as he was heading to his home in Hohola.

Baki said the social media post by Krammer preempted some very sensitive information which was of interest to police.

Meanwhile, Koim has come out publicly to clarify that his private message between Krammer was to ensure the politician took precaution when moving around, and did not specify an details.

I did not tell Brian that he would be assassinated as I did not receive such. I told him that according to a source, something might be planned against him. I only conveyed a veiled threat I received from a source, only for him to take personal precautions. I did not tell him that it was connected to his politics or political activities. I did not have that information either.

In Krammer’s Facebook post, he states that he validates his information from several sources and only makes it public when he is absolutely certain about it.


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